A multi-layered artificial mountain construct in circumnavigating orbit of Earth or its Moon.

First layer consisting of the Metal and Composite superstructure.

Second layer composed of superstrong but light composite filler acting as the BASE rocky substance.

Third layer composed of semisolid "soil" that is of roughly
similair qualities found on earth in terms of softness/compaction tendencies...for a natural feel when walking upon it.

Fourth layer composed of either artificial grasses or synthesized snow.
(same as from a snow machine at a ski-resort)


First Layers Superstructure is likely in the 2km Peak-Range, to approximate the dimensions of a mountain that may be summited, skied down, or hiked over an extended period of time up to the better part of a day.

Elevators, within the Mountain rapidly return the bottom-dwelling to its peak and in key positions along an assent can be taken up or down for those unable to fulfill the act, as in the case of exhaustion, illness, or timeliness issues.

All vistiors are provided with a customed summit suits that  provides short to intermediate term protection in case of explosive decompression as in the case of a micrometeor striking the outer casing that the Mountain inhabits.

Among the special accomodations:

Olympic-sized swimming pools, shaped like natural ponds...some in the style of a cave, others with an artificial sky promoting a sense of an open daytime atmosphere.

Shopping Center, with a wide range of climbing, camping, and trekking tools/equipment
(skis, ice-shoes, ropes, sleds, snowmobiles, gravity gliders, para-gliders, parachutes, etc..)

Novel and Customed Trinkets, from the native 3D printery (such as 3D photos of your venture (Summit Suit can track you and signal cameras to capture your adventure for later viewing or study))

Basecamp Bungalows, both for playful/romantic engagements and also for business purposes, like essential meetings/conferences.
If you build it,
They will come